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Canadian Underwriter helps you stay on top of current insurance issues, concerns, news, legislation, events, controversy and more. Your subscription includes the Annual Statistical Issue and the Insurance Marketer.

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Canadian Underwriter Magazine is Canada’s leading insurance journal. When it comes to practical advice, innovative solutions, and current insurance issues, this journal will provide you with the critical details.

In each issue of the Canadian Underwriter Magazine you will find:

  • Articles that focus on claims handling that face adjusters nationwide
  • Insight into the insurance events and personalities that are ever changing in the insurance industry
  • Stories that challenge insurers on a daily basis, against the major financial institutions, regulators, and politicians
  • Stories on the new and pending insurance legislation
  • Illustrations on the growth of the new modes of insurance retailing and how it all impacts you
  • The controversial and unbiased viewpoints about insurance issues and industry practices that affect you

A subscription to Canadian Underwriter Magazine includes the Annual Statistical Issue, a valuable comprehensive review of insurance companies including financial performance; market breakdown; individual company results and summary tables.

As part of your annual subscription, you will also receive three free bonuses.

The Insurance Marketer is your guide to specialty and hard to place insurance products and the firms that offer them